Friday, September 3, 2010

Payroll Software - 2011 - Details

Medlin Payroll Version 4.3 is now available.

Version 4.3 of Medlin Payroll (as of this post) contains 2010 tax calculations. 2011 tax calculations will be added when available.

To order, go to and click the "Order Now" button.


Will contain the current and prior year tax calculations and forms (when available). The built-in tax calculations (federal withholding, state withholding, social security, medicare, CA SDI, and NYC withholding) for each check are based on the date of the check. You no longer have to worry about installing updates "too soon". For those with more than one payroll (accountants, bookkeepers, payroll providers), you can easily work on 2011 payrolls while having "stragglers" still reporting 2010 activity.

Three additional tax forms: New York NYS-45, Federal 941V, and California DE88. (NYS-45 should be approved for use by the end of September. Will add the new California DE9 when available - DE9 will be replacing DE6 and DE7 beginning with TY2011.)

Completely reworked interface (look and feel). Uses "tabs" to navigate from section to section. Three program display sizes are available (on the File menu).

Paycheck Entry:
Check calculations are "live" (as you type). For salaried employees, you can create a new check by selecting the employee, then pressing the Enter key. For hourly employees, select the employee, enter the hours (you can begin typing the hours as soon as you select the employee), then press the Enter key.

Report Printing / Viewing / Sending:
REVISED PRINT PREVIEW Includes the ability to preview paychecks, tax forms, and reports.
NEW E-MAIL AS IMAGE (Not all items can be e-mailed.)
NEW SAVE AS TEXT Saves items as a comma separated (csv) formatted file. (Not all items can be saved as text.)
NEW SAVE AS IMAGE Saves items as a closely scaled representation of what would have been printed.
REVISED E-MAIL Uses SSL/TLS secure messaging as needed. Works with Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Comcast, Earthlink, etc. (Must be using Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7.)

Miscellaneous "Other Income" fields can have a custom heading (description).
A new check "type" has been added - "Paystubs Only". Prints two paystubs on each piece of paper. Useful for those who do not print paychecks.